Ex- Freemason, Vampire, Illuminati, Whistleblower : William Schnoebelen : NYSTV

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Ex- Freemason, Vampire, Illuminatti, Whistleblower William Schnoebelen : NowYouSeeTV
Bill Schnoebelen lived on the dark side for many years. He was a 90 degree Freemason, a member of the Illuminati, a Satanic Priest, a Catholic Priest and even more. Then one day his monthly tithe check to the church of Satan came back from the bank with a note on the back – “I’ll be praying for you in Jesus’ name “. Within a week he lost his demonic power. Later he became a Born Again Christian, and he now has his own ministry. Bill has been in ministry, mostly full-time, since 1986.
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